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Everett Lee comes from Daytona Beach Florida . Everett Lee has been podcasting since 2014 . You might remember it as Everett's Hangout podcast back with former co-host codeman and later on with Mark Pogue. Both codeman and mark moved on from co-host to other interest in their lives and the one man podcast kept going on. Everett's Hangout became the short lived " Off The Corner , " podcast back in mid 2015 . The Everett Lee Show was born around march of 2016 with a slight change of direction on the content.

Everett Lee has put together content over the past three podcast that range from guest interviews with


Indie Movie Directors ( Jack Thomas Smith, Disorder/Infliction.

Hilton Ariel Ruiez, Zombie with a Shotgun,)

Authors ( Jack Flacco, Ranger Martin and the Zombie Apocolypse series.

James Kahn, Poltergeist/Return of the Jedi/Indiana Jones the Temple of Doom,)

Talk Show Personality ( Mandy Del Rio, The Indie Lounge TV,)

Actors ( Jason Mac, Infliction/All In,) ( Elliot Armstrong, Infliction, ) ( Ana Shaw, Infliction,) ( Darren Kendrick, Disorder/Infliction/Thor,) ( Kyle Hester, Last Dance/Andersonville/Zombie With A Shotgun,)

Horror Critic/Podcaster ( "The Horror Nerd," Todd Staruch,)

Podcaster ( Kirk Goodall, " Cap kirk," Afronerd Radio,)

Rap/Hiphop Artist ( C-Stax, Thoughts/Listen To Thoughts,)

Comic Book Artist( Brian E Lau, Staunch Ambition,)


The Everett Lee Show podcast range from topics on movies,music.wrestling,video games and tv shows reviews with the "mirakuru lounge," that covers shows such as the cw shows, "the flash and arrow" with comic book related topics.


Everett Lee has an empty seat when it comes to who stops by for the tuesday's live stream on the everett lee show facebook page which features " Draft Tuesday, " pick of the month with a new pick of draft brews each month.

Co-Host Chris Carnage being an addition to Everett Lee brings his insights on sports,wrestling and everything in between.

The Menace and The Renegade like to pop up on the podcast and cause trouble, but if they didn't do what they do then, The Everett Lee show wouldn't be like it is.




Mick Foley at Bonker's Comedy Club Daytona Beach
Local Comic Mike Pantzer Daytona Beach
WWE Women's Wrestler, Paige
WWE Superstar Seth Rollins
Actor Carlos Valdes TV Show, "The Flash"
Megacon Orlando 2016 Cosplay
Floor Chairs From WWE Battleground 2014
Floor Chairs WWE SummerSlam PPV 2015
Monday Night Raw Brooklyn New York 2015
WWE SummerSlam PPV Brooklyn New York 2015
WWE Battleground PPV Tampa FL 2014
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